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Author & Artist

Cathryn Hankla


February: Featured Artist, Market Gallery, 22 Campbell Ave, Roanoke, VA


Saturday, 13th: Featured Reader, Poets & Writers Studio International, View the reading here.


April: New Orleans Poetry Festival: Editing panel, online event.



Stay Tuned for Not Xanadu, coming in March

near Hayden, CO

Born in the Appalachian Mountain town of Richlands, Virginia, Cathryn Hankla is professor of English & creative writing and department chair at Hollins University. She teaches in The Jackson Center for Creative Writing and serves as Poetry Editor for The Hollins Critic.

She directed the Jackson Center for Creative Writing 2008-2012, and was named the Jackson Professor of Creative Writing 2012-2014.

Hankla has published fourteen books in multiple genres, including LOST PLACES: On Losing and Finding Home (a memoir in essays), GALAXIES (poetry), GREAT BEAR (poetry), FORTUNE TELLER MIRACLE FISH (stories), and A BLUE MOON IN POORWATER (novel). Her poetry ranges through forms, received and invented, with one book entirely of prose poems: Texas School Book Depository. Her work has been awarded the James Boatwright III Poetry Prize, a PEN Syndicated Fiction Prize, a Virginia Commission for the Arts grant in poetry, and artist's fellowships here and abroad to Malta, Spain, and France.

Her poetry is anthologized in A Literary Field Guide to Southern Appalachia, World English Poetry, The Southern Poetry Anthology, Shenandoah: 20 Years of Poetry, and Mississippi Review Anthology, among others. Hankla's poems, stories, and essays appear regularly in journals such as New World Writing, Arts & Letters, Jubilat, Appalachian Heritage, Denver Quarterly, North American Review, and Alaska Quarterly.

Hankla keeps a painting studio, regularly shows work, and enjoys running and walking the Greenway along the Roanoke River.


Great Bear --Finalist for the Library of Virginia Poetry Prize
Last Exposures
Poems for the Pardoned
Emerald City Blues
Texas School Book Depository-- Finalist for the Library of Virginia Poetry Prize
Negative History

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish
The Land Between
A Blue Moon in Poorwater
Learning the Mother Tongue

Lost Places: On Losing and Finding Home